Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sniff, sniff...

OK, I admit it: I missed all of last night's events. I missed Junot Diaz and David Benioff. I missed Anne Enright and Nam Le. I missed Jeffery Deaver and Ildefonso Falcones. I missed it all.

Why would I do this? Why would I miss some of the biggest draws of this year's festival? What could possibly have been more important?

It's simple. I am getting sick.

My throat is sore, my nose is becoming stuffed, and my legs are aching. I have been going all out for four days and four nights and the pace has, well, killed me. AND... I have my reading today.

I am reminded of the sage words of Geoffrey Taylor, IFOA's director, on Day One: "Andrew, the festival is not eleven days long. It is, instead, one long day."

So, it was a hard decision, but after dinner last night at Le Select Bistro (cock's crowns, lamb's neck, lemon tart), I decided to go home to bed. I am now preparing for my talk (4pm, Studio Theatre), and drinking hot drinks. I will be fine. Do not pity me. I just wanted to explain why I went AWOL last night.


Quote of Day Four:
"It was a Great White, and it went right under our boat."
- Julie Angus
"Would you like some of my chicken heads?"
- partner-in-crime, Samantha Francis.


MJ said...

What an amazing reading today, Andrew. I was there, on the red road with you, experiencing the suffocation of bauxite dust and the sense of unending imminence of death by overstuffed van. Well done!

Your co-readers were amazing too.

Hope you feel better soon. Two words: chicken soup. I'll even make you some.

Jane Burfield

NigelBeale said...


Thanks to the wonderfully accommodating IFOA media crew I had the privilege this past weekend of interviewing Anne Enright, Junot Diaz, Nam Le and many other outstanding authors for a radio program I host. Audio should be available on my site within the coming weeks. Hope you can drop by - and that you're feeling better - soon.